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28 Oct 2021

The Brand of ME

A new friend of mine signed a book deal the other day, a pretty amazing accomplishment and you can see it all over her face beaming with gratitude and pride. It’s incredible to watch her dreams come true right before my eyes. I haven’t known her long and I barely know her even now, but…

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18 Jan 2021

A Big Beautiful Painfully Slow Fire

An essay from 2016-ish… This morning I built a fire, a small not much to look at fire in my white washed brick fireplace. I typically leave the fire building to my husband out of fear I may burn the entire house down. But today, on this cool crisp winter morning I threw caution to…

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17 Aug 2020


Ever pick up a story in the bible you’ve heard a thousand times over and find it hits you in a brand new way? To me this is one of the most incredible gifts of the word of God, that it is constantly falling a fresh on us, that it never stops teaching and leading…

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